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July 31, 2007
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"Blaqk Audio yay! does not equal AFI boo! Can't us boys have a little fun on the side?"

"If there is one thing I have learned from being a member of AFI... it is that I am buff."
-Jade Puget.

"So Davey won World's Sexiest Vegetarian again. Whatever. I won World's Buffest Kickboxer, AGAIN. Jeez, that's gotta be like 10 times in a row now I've won that?"
-Jade Puget

AFireInside, to me, means these three other guys who drink all the soy milk backstage before I get a drop of it-Jade Puget

Hackey bag foot sack always confused me, I could never figure out what the score was or who was winning so I'd always get mad and end up kicking it into the lake." –Jade

I'm so rock hard. You should call me Block Rockchest. Or Chip RockBlock. Or something." –Jade

Mainly I've been dividing my time between working on my biceps by benchpressing Ferraris filled with supermodels and teaching the homeless to read.

Our new AP covers are out this weekend, and, in the spirit of shameless self-promotion......... BUY MY FACE!!

Kerrang Magazine : What's the cruellest prank you've ever pulled?
Jade: "Cruelest" is spelled wrong there.
KerrangMagazine : Sir, it's right. Unless you're using crazy American spelling. Jade: (authoritatively) I'm six-times state spelling bee champion, I'm totally right. Unless you're using crazy English spelling. Anyway, maybe not cruelest, but one of the best pranks we ever did was at this show where there was a curtain over the backstage entrance instead of a door. We hung up this slice of pizza at face height, then put a bowl of cereal and two doughnuts on the ground, so that when someone came in they'd get a face full of pizza, then step into the stuff on the floor and have a pair of weird shoes.

Will you stop talking about Davey please? I'm jealous. I thought you liked me more than him."

Jade: "We don't encourage our fans to send us dead things." Davey: "Or alive things.

Interviewer: "I was wondering if you and Davey ever fought over a mirror backstage or something, and if so who won? And who has used the most makeup on one single night?

Jade: "Actually, yes, that happens all the time. Finally, I was like, 'That's it! It's time to settle this make-up contest once and for all, I challenge you to a make-out!' Wrong choice of words.

"Davey doesn't watch the damn road when he's driving. I'm sure if we crashed he would be fine and I would be imbedded in a tree. If he ever kills me with his driving though, I'm gonna come back as a squirrel and run up his pant leg." - Jade Puget

"Sorry, that was me, not Davey that made that post, I seem to have a habit of using his name to pick up girls.. *cough*..boys..*cough cough*.." -Jade
"If you want Davey to sneak you in, it'll probably be in some little make-up case or something." -Jade
"During the recording of Black Sails, Davey and I played chess constantly." -Jade


The people who send us fan mail written in blood say the nicest things, so it doesn't freak us out too much.

I'm an extremist, I have to deal with my own extreme personality, and I walk the fine line of wanting to die and wanting to be the ruler of it all.

Interviewer: Tell me something about your fake eyelashes. Davey: Fake?!

KerrangMagazine : Who is the vainest person in the band?
Everyone: (laughing) Davey! Davey: Probably me, but I do it on my own time. I'm vain, but punctual. Jade: He can't walk past a mirror without checking himself out. Davey: Not a chance. I spent a lot of my childhood with my cousin sat on our washing machine, just staring into the mirror. For hours, not even adjusting hair or anything, just staring. It's not that I like what I see, necessarily, I just have to see it all the time.

Random Fan: How do you feel about your younger fans? I was told by a fan that because I'm a 15-year-old straightedge kid, I have no business listening to AFI. Davey: That's absurd. I'M a fifteen year old straightedge older...a lot older.

Interviewer: I read something somewhere about 'the monster'. Davey, I wanted you maybe to explain something about the monster that came out. I was just wondering if you could share that with our viewers. Davey: I don't know what the monster is. There is a monster. [Adam is giggling in the background] It happens in the studio, sometimes it happens on stage, [Adam can't control his giggling] and it's in my neck. Interviewer: It's in your neck. Show that. Davey: [points] Right about here. Sometimes it happens when I'm just talking, like I'd be talking to you and the monster bites me. Interviewer: Alright. Davey: It hurts. Adam: He could just be standing there and all of a sudden just DROP ['dropping' arm motion] and be on the floor. Davey: Because of the monster. Interviewer: Man. Due to the monster? Jade: People probably think we're a weird band because of this. People listening to this are probably thinking we're just weird. Davey: Yeah I mean, this is not an attempt to be whack.

I play flute and bass.

Interviewer: What are your thoughts on eskimos? Hunter:"I love eskimos. They have 23 words for 'sno-cone.

I don't believe in dancing. I don't believe it exists.

I have two cell phones and I don't feel weird about this. No disrespect to children in third world countries that only have one cell phone."

(Adam comes back with headband on his head) Hunter: did you give him that hair thing? Girl: Yes... Hunter: Bad, fan. bad

Smith: What's Hunter looking at? Hunter: I'm reading a magazine. I just learned how to read, so this is really exciting for me. Davey: How's it going? Hunter: The magazine? Davey: Can you show me one of the words you've learned? Hunter: Uhh... (holds up magazine and points) "Dennis".

I don't like photo shoots. At all. I'm a drummer, not a model

Cereal? Um, my favorite cereal of all time I haven't been able to eat for years once I stopped eating gelatin, and that um, those were the Monster cereals. I really really liked Dino Pebbles, which if it still existed, which they didn't, they discontinued them after like a year. I still wouldn't be able to eat them either, so um, the stuff I eat now.... I eat, um, Life...

Overhaul me words, matey, for what I say be true. Blessed ye be with a strong character and a forgivin' nature. These shipshape qualities have steered ye safely through squalls to the captivatin' shores of the Magic Kingdom. I see favorable winds and a pleasant passage if ye charts yer course through the sea 'o life by this golden rule: Avoid common gossip and shun' the bilge rats what live by it. Mark well me words, matey: He who chatters to ye, will chatter about ye!

”We once left Hunter at a gas station in the middle of the night in Belgium or someplace like that. We had stopped at a rest stop and everyone got off the bus to buy crappy gas station food and I guess he got off the bus and was on the phone. We all came out the store and got on the bus and drove away. Twenty minutes later it was like, "Where's Hunter?" Since no one in the crew plays bass, we turned around, drove back, and he was still on the phone and didn't even know we had left. We also left Jerry, our production manager, on a ferry in Sweden some time last year"

Interviewer-"what holiday is your favorite and why?" Adam-"I don't know. All the Will Smith movies come out on the fourth of July weekend...

I had something called "run down stew" or "brokedown stew" from this hippy restaurant called Reggae Runnings. It comes served in a hollowed out half of a coconut shell with no flat part on the bottom that spins and slides all over the table when you try to eat it and with optional spicy jerk sauce that literally makes your eyes water. The service is soooo slow most likely because they're so blunted but it's a really good spot. That is if you can handle raggae covers of "Dark Side of the Moon"."

We played a show at Gilman St. in '93 or '94 and some girl hit me right in the stomach with a full can of Pepsi. I watched her wind up from like five feet away and just fire it at me. I could believe it. I almost stopped playing and choked her. If it was a Coke I might have drank it."

Mikey Rhino can sleep through anything, Davey eats jars and jars of almond butter which really annoys me for some strange unexplicable reason and I once thought I was hilarious tossing room service trays off the twenty-fifth floor balcony of my hotel room until I realized that was just about the most tired and cliche "rock star" thing I could do. People in bands have been trashing hotel rooms for decades and if I really wanted to do something shocking I'd have to like make the bed before I left or something like that.

I got a stopwatch, I'm gonna see how long it takes for Davey to complain.

I'm sick and tired of these mother-bleepin' snakes in these mother-bleepin' trees! Period!

Davey: *singing* You're drunk, but you're still vegan... Smith: *singing* I'm vegan... Davey: And I'm straight edge...

Jade: So why do you flip off babies? Smith: Because...if you flip off a baby you're the first person ever to flip off that human being in their entire life. I'll flip off the whole next generation

Other random ones:

Jade: We don't encourage our fans to send us dead things.
Davey: or alive things

INTERVIEWER: If you were stranded on a desert island, what one album would you want with you?
Jade: I'd build a lifeboat out of sand.
Davey: [looking confused] What?!
Q: What are the most embarrassing things to happen onstage?
Adam: Napalm sweat dripped into my eye once and blinded me for half the set. I also poked myself in the eye with my drumstick.
Jade: In Boise on the Rancid tour I went to run up the wall and jump off it but my foot went straight through instead and my leg was buried in the wall up to my knee.
Adam: That was great!
Jade: I tried to play a blazing solo to take people’s minds off it but I don’t think it worked…
Adam: Worked for me.

"I love your duck with all it's ducky goodness."

"Can't the lemons and pancakes just get along?"

"The whole time we were recording, we were trying to get permission from Winona Ryder to use her "My whole life is a dark room" part from Beetlejuice but we never heard from her so we said fuck it, we'll use our own spooky dark-haired girl and called in Davey."

"Even when I go see one of my favorite bands I start to get bored/tired/over it after an hour and a half. If they said, "Guess what! We'll be playing for 2 hours tonight!!", you'd see a Jade-shaped hole in the front door."
hope this works
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